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Your Dream Team - Our Norm

Are you looking for an extra player to add to your corporate roster? At All-Star Staffing, we're here to help you build your very own dream team. Whether in hospitality, food services, or light industrial work, we specialize in recruiting and providing qualified, responsible staff that will help contribute to the success of your project.

We're Your Staffing Scouts

With 20 years of staffing experience behind us, we know what kind of talent you need to get the job done and where to find it. We conduct extensive pre-employment screenings to ensure that your new team member will have the experience and training they need to help you complete your projects and reach your goals. What's more, we take care of taxes and insurance, so you don't waste any time getting started.

Making It in the Big Leagues

Our employees know what it means to be part of your company, and are dedicated to working hard to meet your needs. They're available early mornings, late nights, and weekends. Plus, our convenient downtown office location means that response time is fast, and they're ready to go even on short notice. At All-Star, we're confident you'll get a winning worker every time!

Some or our services
Some or our services
Some or our services
Some or our services

So why settle for a benchwarmer? We guarantee your satisfaction, and we're ready to help you draft your All-Star team now. Call today for more information!

The Dream Team Experience

"All-Star Staffing really helped me when I was in a bind. Septa was on strike and I really needed a cook. They went above and beyond by getting me someone that day."
- Steve Rommiehs, Flick International Philadelphia Eagles
"It has been a pleasure working with All-Star Staffing. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for food service workers."
--Tina Cellucci, Villanova Dining Services
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