Client named on the reverse side hereof, or clients duly authorized representative, Hereby agrees, acknowledges and certifies to ALL-STAR Staffing, LLC, a Pennsylvania Corporation doing business through its operating division ALL-STAR Staffing as Follows:

(1) Client certifies that the time set forth as hours worked is correct and that the Work was performed in a satisfactory manner.
(2) Client acknowledge that" ALL-STAR" incurs substantial recruiting screening, Administrative and marketing expenses in connection with the employee (Employee) named on reverse side. Client agrees that if client hires employee Within 180 days after this date, without agreement from "ALL-STAR", client will pay "ALL-STAR'S conversion charge. The conversion charge is equal to 30% of the gross annual salary, bonuses and Commissions offered to be paid to the employee by the client. In the event the Employee is to be paid on an hourly basis; the gross annual salary shall be calcu- Lated by multiplying the employee's hourly wage by 2080.
(3) Client has not and shall not in the future without prior written permission from "ALL-STAR": (i) entrust employee with unattended premises, cash, negotiable Instruments or other valuable or authorize employee to operate machinery or Motor vehicles; (ii) assign employee to perform work other than that described at The time client placed the job order.
(4) "ALL-STAR" insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by employee Operationing clients owned or leased motor vehicle(s), and client therefore accepts Full responsibility for claims, including the defense thereof, and agrees to indem- Nify "ALL-STAR", its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents for such claim, involving Bodily injury property damage, fire, theft, collision, cargo damage or public liability Damages sustained or incurred as a result of employee driving such vehicle(s), or Arising out of or involving violation by client of paragraph 3(i) or 3(ii) above. Client Or client insurance company will be responsible for loss or damage incurred When assignment employee, while operating under the direct supervision of Clients employee(s) exhibits reasonable care in the performance of their Assigned responsibilities as well as for claims in excess of the limits of insurance Coverage assignment employee's employer.
(5) "ALL-STAR" is not responsible for claims made under its liability or bond insur- Ance policies unless such claims are reported to" ALL-STAR" in writing by client Within 30 days after occurrence.
(6) "ALL-STAR" is not responsible for claims for damage to property within "ALL-STAR" or Employee's care, custody and control.
(7) In the event of clients non-payment of" ALL-star's" invoices, client agrees to Be responsible for all collection expenses, including attorneys' fees, interest and Court costs.
(8) Client accepts the obligation to discuss all matters concerning Employee, Including without limitation, Employee's job assignments, wages and payroll pro- Cedures with "ALL-STAR" and not with Employee directly.
(9) Client shall indemnify and hold "ALL-STAR ", its subsidiaries, affiliates and Agents, including the employer of record harmless from any and all claims and Damages arising out of client's violation of employment laws including, without Limitation, OSHA and EEO, and immigration laws.


(1) Recording your time. report all time to the nearest ¼ hour minimum incre-Ments of 15 minutes.
(2) Overtime. All authorized work you perform in excess of 40 hours per week (Mon-Sun) will be at 1 ½ time the regular rate. You are permitted to work overtime Only if the client requests and approves such work approval must be obtained from ALL-STAR by the client before overtime can be authorized.
(3) Lunch. Your lunch period will be determined by the supervision to whom you are Assigned. If you work a full day, the law requires you take a minimum of one half (1/2) hour for lunch.
(4) Absence -call" ALL-STAR" at once. "ALL-STAR" will contact the client. If you Will be out for a number of days it will be up to the client to decide on replacing you Or awaiting your return. Failure to call ALL-STAR is grounds for termination.
(5) Never call "ALL-STAR'S" Client. When you are late, or if you cannot work the Prescribed hours, or if you won't be able to report for work, call "ALL-STAR".
(6) Future assignments. If you do not contact ALL-STAR after each assignment ALL-STAR will assume you are not available for work.

NOTE: if you fail to contact "ALL-STAR" in regards to your availability, Your unemployment benefits may be denied.
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